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Your child will love their exciting and interactive eye test

It is a common misunderstanding that children need to be able to read before they have their first eye test, but in reality very young children can still be tested using pictures instead of words. Your little one should have regular eye tests throughout their childhood as their vision develops at a dramatic rate, and can still be ‘moulded’ until about eight years of age. This means that the sooner any eye conditions or vision problems are detected, the easier they will be to correct.

ChildrenEyeExamChildren typically have no awareness of what their vision should be like, and so may not know that problems reading from the board at school are anything out of the ordinary. If these difficulties are not corrected, your child may quickly become bored and frustrated at school, which could even result in a long-term lack of interest in education altogether. In addition, failure to correct eye conditions in childhood can lead to lifelong vision problems that cannot be improved.

Children often have limitless energy – we understand that the last thing they want to do is sit still and be tested, especially outside of school time! Our optometrists are very experienced in testing children of all ages, and have developed numerous fun and interactive strategies to ensure they’re constantly engaged and never bored.

Should your child require new glasses following their appointment, it’s important that they’re enthusiastic and excited about wearing them. For that reason we have a fabulous range of children’s frames at Fiona Jennings Optician. We believe that glasses should be fun, cool and practical. Our friendly staff are always more than happy to help your little one select the best choice for them.

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