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Could you be suffering from visual stress?

Do you have difficulty reading written text? Are you frequently plagued by headaches or the feeling of strained eyes? If these symptoms sound familiar, you might be experiencing a form of visual stress, or Meares-Irlen syndrome as it is more specifically known. At Fiona Jennings Optician, we offer Coloured Overlay Screening to assist people with this reading difficulty and visual discomfort.

Meares-Irlen syndrome is a branch of visual stress, whereby sufferers struggle to read because of difficulties focusing on the words. The text may appear to jump around the page or seem blurred, and finding comfortable lighting conditions is very challenging. The effort put in to read words from a page means that the sufferer’s eyes can become strained and sore very quickly. Intense headaches and even migraines are also very common because of this.

Symptoms of Meares-Irlen syndrome include:

  • Strain working under bright lighting
  • Difficulty finding comfortable lighting
  • Strain working at a computer
  • Poor concentration
  • Lack of attention
  • Eye strain

When reading, the sufferer may also skip words or whole lines, read slowly or hesitantly, frequently lose their place and struggle to understand what they are reading.

It has been found that coloured overlays can significantly reduce the discomfort associated with this syndrome, and allow those affected to read with greater ease. Here at Fiona Jennings Optician, our optometrists are qualified to conduct overlay assessments on both children and adults, to help control symptoms and improve reading focus. It is vital that the screening is carried out along with a full detailed eye examination to consider all factors affecting reading.

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