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We examine every aspect of your eye health – even the parts that can’t be seen

You know how important your vision is to you – not only do you rely on it on a daily basis, but visual images also form around 80% of your memories. For that reason, it’s really important to have your eyes and sight checked regularly to make sure they’re healthy and there are no underlying issues.

eyeexamAt the beginning of your appointment, we will ask you questions about your general health, as well as details of any family history of particular conditions like diabetes or glaucoma. The answers you give will help our optometrists focus your examination on aspects that might be particularly relevant or require further assessment.

Every time you visit us for an eye examination, you’ll have retinal images taken as part of your standard examination. We also offer our Advanced Eye Examination where we take OCT scans of the back surface of the eye. Whether you opt for our standard or advanced examination, the image capture is quick, non-invasive and painless. It’s over in a matter of seconds. However it’s an integral part of your check-up: not only does it allow us to check for any abnormalities within the eye itself, but also provides a comparison of your eyes over time so any subtle changes can be identified. This technology means that we can detect a variety of eye diseases in the very earliest stages, as well as help flag some general health conditions like diabetes.

Using a camera to examine the inside of your eyes is not always part of a standard check up with the optician. At Fiona Jennings Optician we provide this technologically advanced service as a routine part of our examination. We believe that access to the latest advances in technology helps us to provide you with the very best care and reassures you that you are being well looked after.

At the end of your examination, you will have ample opportunity to discuss any findings or results with your optometrist. eyeexam2Appointments are scheduled with this extra time in mind; we always take the time to examine, explain, reassure and recommend where necessary.

Should you require eyewear after your sight test, you’ll have a great selection of frames to choose from, from simple unbranded designs to stylish designer options. Our friendly and professional team are always on hand to offer advice about the practicalities of each style, or just to give a second opinion if you can’t decide on a favourite!

If you find it difficult to visit us in practice, we can offer a home visit service where a member of our experienced optometrist team will carry out your eye examination at your home. This is by prior arrangement only, so please call us to discuss your situation.

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