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Clear vision without glasses or contact lenses in the day time

Ortho-K lenses – giving you clear sight all day


We’re delighted to prescribe Nocturnalens™ Ortho-K contact lenses, which give you clear vision without glasses or contact lenses in the daytime.

What can I use Nocturnalens™ for?

Nocturnalens™ is great for short sight correction up to -4.50D. The lenses are suitable for any age and may help reduce the progression of short sight in children.*

They’re a great non-invasive alternative to laser surgery and all the effects are completely reversible if you decide to stop wearing them.

You’ll only wear Nocturnalens™ while you sleep, correcting your short sight by gently changing the shape of your eye. Nocturnalens™ at night gives you perfect vision in the day. So you can wave goodbye to glasses, contact lenses and contact lens-related dryness.

And you won’t have to worry about lens restrictions on swimming or showering, and all sports are possible.

How are my lenses fitted?

The lenses are fitted in the same way as conventional contact lenses. Your optometrist uses a corneal topographer to take a 3D scan of your cornea.

This is used to custom make lenses designed just for you. A few days later you’ll be booked in for an appointment to show you how to use and look after your lenses.

After the first night wear, you will already be seeing better and over the next few days your sight will keep improving.

We’ll see you three to four times over the course of the first few weeks, then only once a year for check-ups. Our Nocturnalens™ scheme replaces the lenses yearly and provides all the solutions you need for an affordable monthly fee.

*J.Walline. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. October 11, 2012 vol. 53 no. 11 7086

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